Selecting the perfect handgun is a decision that requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness. Yet, quite often, the choice of a holster is treated as a mere footnote in the process. Regardless of the quality of your firearm, its dependability, ease of use, and ability to be quickly accessed are intricately tied to the holster. Therefore, it becomes paramount to carefully choose a holster that aligns with your specific requirements, preferred carrying method, and the model of your firearm.


The most important things to consider when choosing a gun holster are your carrying type (open or concealed), preferred materials, gun type, and retention type. Retention will affect your ease of drawing your gun while also ensuring it is safe from someone else grabbing it.


Concealed carry holsters need to hold your weapon securely and keep it hidden. Bulky features like flaps and padding aren’t ideal; instead, go for a slim, low-profile leather design. Keep in mind that your choice of weapon matters too. If you pick a big revolver, it can limit your options for discreet carry.


For those prioritizing concealed carry, inside the waistband (IWB) holsters take the lead as the most favored choice. These holsters attach to your belt using a loop or clip, snugly cradling the pistol inside the waistband of your pants. The beauty of this setup lies in its excellent concealment, with only the grip and rear of the slide peeking above the waistband. However, comfort can be a bit of a trade-off, and the proximity to the body may expose the weapon to perspiration. IWB holsters pair exceptionally well with flatter, compact semiautomatics, making them the go-to option for those seeking a balance between concealment and comfort.


When it comes to carrying a larger semiautomatic or a trusty revolver, opting for an outside the waistband (OWB) holster designed for concealed carry is a wise move. These holsters frequently feature broad wings that serve a dual purpose – securely gripping the belt and contributing to a streamlined profile. This design helps minimize “printing,” ensuring a discreet carry without noticeable bulges or imprints under your shirt or coat.


Enter the shoulder holster – a top pick for comfort. Its harness, featuring loops over each shoulder connected by a rear strap, effectively distributes the weapon’s weight. Perfectly concealable under an open jacket, the shoulder holster ensures a swift draw even when seated. Many models come with a magazine pouch conveniently positioned opposite the holster. Additionally, shoulder holsters excel in discreetly carrying large revolvers, offering horizontal holsters for compact handguns and vertical options for longer-barreled pistols.


Carrying a gun in your pocket can pose challenges like snagging on clothing or accidental discharges. A pocket holster addresses these concerns, providing protection against snags and facilitating a clean draw when needed. Typically not affixed inside the pocket, these holsters are easily transferable between garments, relying on friction for stability. The rough side of the leather is positioned outward to enhance grip on the pocket and reduce contact with the firearm.


Ankle holsters typically serve as a backup for compact semiautomatics or short-barreled revolvers, excelling in discreet concealment. Their low profile often escapes notice during quick or discreet pat-downs. However, there are practical considerations to bear in mind. The draw process can be less swift, requiring the wearer to bend down and adjust their pants leg. Additionally, extended physical activity may result in discomfort. While effective for concealment, these holsters may not be the optimal choice for rapid accessibility or prolonged wear during strenuous activities.


these belly band holsters are like the undercover agents of concealment. Some like to keep your gun in the front, while others go incognito under your armpit. They’re top-notch when it comes to hiding stuff, but here’s the plot twist – not the comfiest. To keep your weapon snug and secure, they have to be a bit tight, which might not be the best for all-day wear.