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OWB Holsters | A Comprehensive Guide to Comfort, Security, and Personalized

Carrying a firearm entails a dual responsibility of ensuring both personal security and comfort, and the choice of holster plays a pivotal role in achieving this delicate balance. Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters have gained prominence due to their accessibility and versatility. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on an exploration of the diverse landscape of OWB holsters. From examining various types tailored to different preferences and body types to exploring specialized options designed for specific activities or scenarios, the guide aims to equip individuals with the knowledge necessary for making an informed decision.

Additionally, the guide delves into trusted brands that have established themselves in the market, shedding light on their reputations for quality and reliability. Moreover, insights into accessories and expert comparisons further empower readers to choose an OWB holster that aligns seamlessly with their unique firearm carry preferences, ensuring both functionality and comfort.

Types of OWB Holsters

Leather OWB Holsters

Leather OWB holsters exude a classic charm, appealing to traditionalists. Their benefits include a timeless aesthetic, remarkable durability, and increased comfort over time as they conform to the wearer’s body. However, users must be mindful of care tips, considering factors like vulnerability to moisture and the importance of regular maintenance.

Kydex OWB Holsters

Kydex OWB holsters have gained prominence for their rigidity, durability, and extensive customization options. The inherent stiffness of Kydex ensures excellent firearm retention and protection. The ability to customize features like retention screws, colors, and patterns offers users a personalized and reliable carry solution.

Nylon OWB Holsters

Nylon OWB holsters are valued for their lightweight construction, making them comfortable for extended wear. Their flexibility allows for easy adjustment, accommodating different body types. These holsters are versatile and functional, making them suitable for a variety of OWB carry preferences.

Hybrid OW Holsters

Hybrid OWB holsters combine materials like Kydex and leather to harness the strengths of each. This innovative approach results in holsters that offer the rigidity of Kydex for excellent retention while incorporating the comfort of leather against the wearer’s body. Hybrid holsters prioritize both innovation and comfort.

Transition: Exploring Material Preferences and


The choice between leather, Kydex, nylon, or hybrid OWB holsters depends on individual preferences, priorities, and adaptability to different carry scenarios.

Specialized OWB Holsters

OWB Holsters with Mag Pouch

OWB holsters equipped with magazine pouches redefine convenience. Users can carry their firearm and spare ammunition in a single, easily accessible setup, streamlining the overall carry

experience. These holsters are particularly popular among those who prioritize efficiency and preparedness.

OWB Holsters for Specific Firearms

Focusing on popular models like Glock 19 and 1911, specialized OWB holsters ensure a secure carry for specific firearms. These holsters are designed to precisely fit these models, minimizing movement and guaranteeing quick and consistent access during critical moments.

Ensuring Secure Carry

Whether you prefer a magazine pouch or have a specific firearm model, specialized OWB holsters contribute to secure and efficient firearm carry, aligning with individual preferences.

Exploring Brands Trusted Brands in OWB Holsters

Safari land OWB Holster

Safari land is synonymous with quality and reliability in the world of OWB holsters. Renowned for their durable construction and precise fit, Safari land holsters provide a sense of security and confidence for firearm carriers. The brand’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its extensive lineup of OWB holster options.

Alien Gear OWB Holster

Alien Gear focuses on unmatched comfort in their OWB holsters. Their innovative designs prioritize ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable carry experience for extended periods. Alien Gear holsters are known for their adjustable features,  allowing users to tailor the holster to their specific preferences.

Blackhawk OWB Holster

Blackhawk stands out for superior performance in OWB holsters. Known for their tactical expertise, Blackhawk holsters offer reliability and functionality. The brand’s commitment to innovation ensures that their holsters meet the demands of firearm carriers who prioritize performance in various scenarios.

Transition: Navigating Brand Preferences in OWB Holsters

Selecting the appropriate Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster is a decision that is often influenced by personal brand preferences. It is crucial to consider well-established and reputable names in the market, such as Safari land, Alien Gear, and Blackhawk, as these brands have built a solid reputation for producing high-quality holsters. Safari land, for instance, is known for its durable and professional-grade holsters, suitable for law enforcement and civilian use. Alien Gear is recognized for its innovative designs and customizable options, allowing users to tailor the holster to their specific preferences. Blackhawk, on the other hand, is renowned for its commitment to providing reliable and versatile holsters suitable for a wide range of firearms. Understanding the strengths and unique features offered by these trusted brands can significantly assist users in making an informed decision, ensuring that they find the perfect OWB holster that meets their individual needs and requirements.

Enhancing OWB Holster Usage Accessories for OWB Holsters 

Securing carry and

adaptability are paramount concerns for OWB holster users. Belt clips provide a secure attachment to the user’s belt, ensuring that the holster stays in place during various activities. The adjustability of these clips accommodates different belt sizes, offering users a customizable and secure fit.

OWB Holster Paddle

Comfort and customization play significant roles in the usability of OWB holsters. Paddles, which replace or complement belt clips, enhance comfort by distributing the weight of the  firearm more evenly. They also provide additional customization options, allowing users to find the optimal position for their OWB holster.

OWB Holster Attachments

Versatility in carry options is a key consideration for OWB holster users. Attachments, such as molle platforms or quick-release systems, expand the functionality of OWB holsters, providing users with the flexibility to adapt their carry setup swiftly to different situations or activities. These attachments cater to users who require diverse carry options based on their activities, preferences, and the dynamic nature of their daily routines.

Comparisons and Reviews

Evaluating Different Holster Types

OWB vs IWB Holster

OWB (Outside the Waistband) and IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters represent two distinct approaches to concealed carry, each catering to specific needs and preferences. OWB holsters, worn on the outside of the pants, provide easy accessibility and enhanced comfort. These holsters are particularly popular among those who prioritize a quick and unencumbered draw, making them suitable for activities where rapid deployment may be crucial. Additionally, OWB holsters often offer a wider range of firearm options and accommodate larger and more powerful handguns comfortably.

On the other hand, IWB holsters are designed to be worn inside the pants, tucked against the body. The primary advantage of IWB holsters is their emphasis on concealment, making them an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize discretion and minimal printing of the firearm. IWB holsters are particularly effective for deep concealment, ensuring that the outline of the firearm is less noticeable under clothing. While IWB holsters may sacrifice some ease of access compared to OWB holsters, advancements in design have significantly improved their comfort and accessibility.

When choosing between OWB and IWB holsters, individuals should consider factors such as their clothing choices, body type, and lifestyle. OWB holsters are generally more suitable for open carry or situations where concealment is not the primary concern. In contrast, IWB holsters excel in scenarios where maintaining a low profile is essential. Ultimately, the decision between OWB and IWB holsters hinges on a careful evaluation of personal preferences, daily activities, and the balance between accessibility and concealment that aligns with individual needs.

OWB vs Appendix Holster

When considering the choice between OWB (Outside the Waistband) and appendix holsters, it is essential to delve into the nuanced aspects that differentiate these two options. OWB holsters are designed to be worn outside the waistband, offering ease of accessibility for drawing the firearm. However, this convenience may come at the cost of discreteness, as OWB holsters are more visible and may print through clothing, potentially revealing the presence of a firearm. On the other hand, appendix holsters are specifically crafted for concealed carry, positioning the

firearm in the front of the body, typically around the appendix area. This placement enhances concealment by minimizing visibility and printing, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing discretion. However, the trade-off lies in accessibility, as drawing from an appendix holster can be more challenging and may require additional training to ensure a safe and efficient draw. Individual preferences and priorities play a crucial role in guiding users toward the ideal choice. Factors such as clothing style, body type, and comfort level all contribute to the decision-making process. Some may prioritize quick and easy access, making OWB holsters preferable, while others may prioritize discreteness and opt for the concealment advantages offered by the appendix position.

It’s important for users to thoroughly assess their specific needs, considering factors like lifestyle, daily activities, and personal comfort, in order to make an informed decision between OWB and appendix holsters. Ultimately, the optimal choice will vary from person to person, and finding the right balance between accessibility and concealment is key to ensuring a safe and effective concealed carry experience


In conclusion, the world of OWB holsters is vast and diverse, catering to the varied needs and preferences of firearm carriers. Whether you prioritize the classic appeal of leather, the rigidity of Kydex, the versatility of nylon, or the innovation of hybrid designs, there’s an OWB holster that aligns with your individual requirements. Trusted brands like Safari land, Alien Gear, and Blackhawk provide options that prioritize quality, comfort, and performance.


Q1: What are OWB holsters, and what sets them apart? 

A1: OWB holsters, or Outside the Waistband holsters, stand out for their accessibility and versatility. They are worn on the outside of the pants, offering easy access to the firearm. Their distinct features make them a popular choice for those prioritizing comfort and quick draw.

Q3: What are the advantages of Leather OWB Holsters? 

A3: Leather OWB holsters provide a classic charm, remarkable durability, and increased comfort over time as they conform to the wearer’s body. However, users need to be mindful of care tips, such as vulnerability to moisture and regular maintenance.

Q4: Why choose Kydex OWB Holsters? 

A4: Kydex OWB holsters offer rigidity, durability, and extensive customization options. The stiffness of Kydex ensures excellent firearm retention, and customization features like retention screws, colors, and patterns provide a personalized and reliable carry solution.

Q5: What makes Hybrid OWB Holsters innovative? 

A5: Hybrid OWB holsters combine materials like Kydex and leather, providing the rigidity of Kydex for retention and the comfort of leather against the wearer’s body. This innovative approach prioritizes both comfort and innovation.